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Subject: Re: WinXp service pack 2 and General Protection Fault Error????
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> From: Pityocamptes AT aol DOT com
> Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 00:24:54 EST
> The updated NASM files did not make a difference. I believe service pack 2 
> has more control over memory usage.

I don't immediately see what does tighter memory control have to do
with your crashes.  If you can elaborate and explain the link between
these two, please do.

Otherwise, I think you are in for some dirty work: we need to see a
SYMIFied traceback from NASM, and we need after that to see the source
code fragment from NASM where the crash happens.  So you will have to
get NASM sources, rebuild it with debug information (the -g switch to
GCC), and then make it crash again and post the above-mentioned
information here.  Then and only then, could the knowledgeable people
here try to speculate about possible cause(s) of the crash and guide
you towards finding a solution or a workaround.

> I see others on the web have been complaining but no one has a
> solution.

Please post URLs of these complaints.  I myself don't remember such
complaints, but my memory isn't what it used to be...


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