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Andris Pavenis wrote:
> On Tuesday 19 October 2004 10:14, Carlo wrote:
>> Andris Pavenis <pavenis AT latnet DOT lv> wrote in message
>>> On Wednesday 13 October 2004 13:44, Carlo wrote:
>>>> at work I finally received a new PC, powerful enought for
>>>> compiling the GCC cross compilers I need.
>>>> I have a fully working DJGPP enviroment and all packages have
>>>> the latest versions.  The operating system is Windows 98.
>>>> Then I downloaded the GCC complete sources, the binutils and
>>>> newlib.
>>> I would suggest to try gcc-3.4.2 source archive from DJGPP
>>> distribution. I have (hopefully) not removed anything needed
>>> to build DJGPP hosted cross-compilers. I haven't however
>>> tested whether all works.
> As I said I haven't tested building DJGPP hosted cross-compilers
> (except once DJGPP to MINGW cross-compiler long time ago)
>> BTW, what are the differences between the original GCC source
>> archive and the DJGPP source archive (this is just a curiosity...)
> See v2gnu/ from DJGPP distribution (for me
> is only a generated file).

Won't he also need a library compiled for the destination?

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