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On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 23:21:43 GMT in comp.os.msdos.djgpp, roy robertson
<pamola AT att DOT net> wrote:

>"one2001boy AT yahoo DOT com" wrote:
>> I created an alias for "ls" alias to "ls -F"
>Don't you get some kind of recursion nightmare if you do that?
>Try it with lss aliassed to ls -F, or maybe there's an environmental variable you can set?

From 'man bash':
                      "The first word of the replacement text  is
       tested  for  aliases,  but  a word that is identical to an
       alias being expanded is not expanded a second time.   This
       means  that  one  may alias ls to ls -F, for instance, and
       bash does not try to recursively  expand  the  replacement
       text.   If  the  last  character  of  the alias value is a
       blank, then the next command word following the  alias  is
       also checked for alias expansion."

The last feature is useful for aliases of commands which typically
take other commands as arguments, like time and xargs, allowing
aliases of other commands to be used. 

Thanks. Take care, Brian Inglis 	Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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