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Hi all.
--- "one2001boy AT yahoo DOT com" <one2001boy AT yahoo DOT com> wrote:
> with ls -F, if the object is a file, it displays the file name such
> as 
> "xxxx", if it is a directory, it will display "xxxx/", if I have 20 
> files in a directory, it will easily for me to find what I want
> either a 
> file or a directory. That is what I like "ls -F", I created an alias
> for 
> "ls" alias to "ls -F", but for a directory with too many files, it 
> doesn't work nicely though it works.

Is "ls -l" faster?  It provides more info, but you can use it to
distinguish between directories and everything else.

Lets Go Canes!

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