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Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>>From: "one2001boy AT yahoo DOT com" <one2001boy AT yahoo DOT com>
>>Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 22:00:53 GMT
>>>ls.exe cannot possibly do that because it sorts the files according to
>>>some criterion (by default, the file name).  How can it possibly sort
>>>the files before it has them all?
>>It is fine to sort by filename, but I think ls.exe also will check if 
>>the file is direcotry/file/executable/ etc.
>>If I have three thousand files, ls.exe might need to process all of them 
>>and then start to display. What I mean is that if ls.exe sort and then 
>>check 100 files for directory name/file name/executable, and then 
>>display those 100 files, and then process the rest files to check the 
>>directory name/file name/executable. it can avoid the long waiting time.
> Take a look at the sources: ls.exe already does what you want.

I have not gotten the time to check the code yet.
Just based on what I observerd that "ls -F" takes 30 seconds or more to 
start to display something, while "ls" and "dir" has no such a problem.

> Others said here that on their systems, ls.exe works much faster
> (which is also my experience).  You may wish to look into your system
> configuration to find the reason(s) why it is slow for you.

yes, ls.exe has no problem. the problem is ls.exe -F.

>>>If all you need is to know whether a file is a directory, then ls.exe
>>>is not the best tool for that.  Use test.exe from Sh-utils, or
>>>find.exe from Findutils.  They are much faster for this kind of job.
>>I want to display all files and subdirectories in a directory, not only 
>>one file or one subdirectory in a directory.
> Sorry, I don't understand: if you want to display all files and
> subdirectories, then what files you do NOT want to display?  Files and
> subdirectories is all we have on Windows, right?  So why a simple
> "ls", without -F, won't do?

with ls -F, if the object is a file, it displays the file name such as 
"xxxx", if it is a directory, it will display "xxxx/", if I have 20 
files in a directory, it will easily for me to find what I want either a 
file or a directory. That is what I like "ls -F", I created an alias for 
"ls" alias to "ls -F", but for a directory with too many files, it 
doesn't work nicely though it works.


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