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Eric Wajnberg <wajnberg AT antibes DOT inra DOT fr> wrote:
> Dear All,

> I used to code with DJGPP for years on Windows98. At that time, the user
> screen was 24 lines long. 

I find that hard to believe.  It was almost certainly 25 lines, not 24.
And you could have changed it to 43 or 50 without major hassle.

	mode con lines=50

> On Windows 2000, the system in which I am now, the user screen looks like
> having twice as many lines (i.e., about 48, but I did not counted this
> accurately). Moreover, I use dislin as a graphic library, and when I run a
> code using dislin, the user screen returns back to 24 lines long. This is a
> little bit a problem in my case.

> So, my question is: How can I force the user screen to have the good old
> size of 24 lines, so that I will still be able to distribute my compiled
> codes whitout any problems?

By configuring it accordingly, in the settings of the DOS program
you're running, and/or the generic DOS box settings (properties of the
"Command prompt" link in the start->Programs->Accessories menu or

Hans-Bernhard Broeker (broeker AT physik DOT rwth-aachen DOT de)
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