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> From: Nisse Engstrom <PvovotkNOSPAM AT tele2 DOT se>
> Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 06:14:58 +0200
> I recently installed FireFox 0.9.3, and InCtrl5 reported
>     Folders added: 30
>     -----------------
>         c:\local\FireFox-0.9.3\??Muninstall
>         ...
> This looks odd, so I went there to investigate:
>     >PS1='$?>'
>     0>cd /local/FireFox-0.9.3/
>     0>ls > /dev/null
> ->  ls: __Muninstall: No such file or directory (ENOENT)

This is a telltale sign of a file name that includes non-ASCII
characters, and which Windows cannot translate into a corresponding
code in the DOS OEM codepage.  When a DOS program asks Windows to
produce a list of files in a directory, Windows replaces such
characters with underscores, and `ls' then cannot stat such a file
because there's no file named `__Muninstall'.

> However, the odd failures of ls and dir should be regarded
> as bugs, in my opinion. The question is, are those bugs in
> DJGPP, ls and dir, or somewhere else entirely?

The bug (or rather a misfeature) is in Windows: it shouldn't allow
file names that have characters untranslatable into the DOS codepage.
Given that this is what happens, there's nothing a DJGPP program can
do to remedy it.  A workaround is to rename the file (using a Windows
utility such as Explorer or My Computer) to something that doesn't use
such non-ASCII characters.

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