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Subject: Odd failures in ls and dir
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I recently installed FireFox 0.9.3, and InCtrl5 reported

    Folders added: 30

This looks odd, so I went there to investigate:

    0>cd /local/FireFox-0.9.3/
    0>ls > /dev/null
->  ls: __Muninstall: No such file or directory (ENOENT)
    1>dir > /dev/null
    0>ls -d *Mu*
->  ls: __Muninstall: No such file or directory (ENOENT)
    1>dir -d *Mu*
->  dir: __Muninstall: No such file or directory (ENOENT)
    1>dir -w 1 | grep Mu
    0>ls -d __Muni~1
    0>ls --version | head -n 1
    ls (fileutils) 4.1
    0>dir --version | head -n 1
    dir (fileutils) 4.1

Closer inspection of the report:

    0>grep Muninstall *0.9.3-inst.html
    0>grep Muninstall *0.9.3-inst.html | od -tx1
    0000000 3c 44 54 3e 63 3a 5c 6c 6f 63 61 6c 5c 46 69 72
->  0000020 65 46 6f 78 2d 30 2e 39 2e 33 5c 98 98 4d 75 6e
    0000040 69 6e 73 74 61 6c 6c 3c 2f 44 54 3e 0a
                                             ^^ ^^
                                             || ||

As far as I can tell, 0x98 is a control character in any
iso-encoding. According to the character mappings at, 0x98 is a "SMALL TILDE" in Windows CP1252,
It is many different characters, uncluding "UNDEFINED"
in other code pages, so maybe it shouldn't have been
used to begin with.

However, the odd failures of ls and dir should be regarded
as bugs, in my opinion. The question is, are those bugs in
DJGPP, ls and dir, or somewhere else entirely?


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