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"cosmos" <cosmos AT tvtel DOT pt> wrote in message 
news:009401c48cfe$97738a50$84236652 AT rui...
|> I've got DJGPP working under XP.  The only thing needed is to add lines
| > like:
| >
| > set path=%path%;c:\djgpp\bin
| >
| > to Autoexec.nt, which I found on my machine in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32
| >
| > I've had trouble getting the path to work, so I've ended up with making 
| > batch file:
| >
| >
| > So I run cmd.exe, cd to where I want to be, run the above batch file, 
| I
| > can run any of the programs in DJGPP.
| >
| The manuals of DJGPP advise to make the changes in autoexec.BAT not
| autoexec.NT
| Also the changes are indicated as putting the following lines:
| set PATH=c:\djgpp\bin;%PATH%
| set DJGPP=c:\djgpp\djgpp.env
| Regards,
| Rui Fernandes

That's very interesting, Rui, but on my system I haven't got an Autoexec.bat 
(Well I have, but that is located at C:\ and I know that isn't used because 
I never see any of the echoes from it), so I created one in 
C:\Windows\System32 with just an echo in it and that never fires off!
This leaves Autoexec.nt as the only place to put these environment 

In fact I'll quote the first few lines from my Autoexec.nt:
REM AUTOEXEC.BAT is not used to initialize the MS-DOS environment.
REM AUTOEXEC.NT is used to initialize the MS-DOS environment unless a
REM different startup file is specified in an application's PIF.

The reason for not putting %path% in the set PATH= line is that my existing 
path is too long anyway, and I'm only using DOS for DJGPP.

I also find that the command processor CMD.EXE does not execute autoexec.nt 
immediately, it waits until you type in a command and executes autoexec.nt 
just before actually running the command.
Its behaviour is altogether unpredictable.
In fact there are some environment variables present that I can't account 
for, ones that I had put into Autoexec.bat when my system was Windows 98.  I 
can't find what it is that sets these variables.  Any ideas anyone?

Well, my current strategy is to make a shortcut to cmd.exe with command line 
parameters: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\cmd.exe /K djgpp.bat
And djgpp.bat sets up the environment as we have discussed above.  I've just 
added 'make -v' onto the end to force autoexec.nt to execute.

So, now I don't have the above line in autoexec.nt at all!  They're in 
djgpp.bat - So that's a turn around.


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