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"NeoFireBlaze2" <neofireblaze2 AT cs DOT com> wrote in message 
news:20040827165241 DOT 10778 DOT 00003273 AT mb-m25 DOT news DOT cs DOT com...
| Autoexec.bat is (i think) on XP as .nt and I am unsure of how to modify 
| files becuase i tried earlier and it crashed my computer.
| Does anyone know how to get  DjGPP to  work on XP (NT).

I've got DJGPP working under XP.  The only thing needed is to add lines 

set path=%path%;c:\djgpp\bin

to Autoexec.nt, which I found on my machine in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32

I've had trouble getting the path to work, so I've ended up with making a 
batch file:


So I run cmd.exe, cd to where I want to be, run the above batch file, then I 
can run any of the programs in DJGPP.


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