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On 10 Aug 2004 13:18:28 +0300 in comp.os.msdos.djgpp, Esa A E Peuha
<esa DOT peuha AT helsinki DOT fi> wrote:

>Brian Inglis <Brian DOT Inglis AT SystematicSw DOT Invalid> writes:
>> FWIW below is a list of library symbols that pollute the user global
>> namespace in *ALL* C programs and are not mentioned in the libc
>> documentation.
>Actually, most of them don't pollute the namespace at all.
>> It was produced by compiling and linking a small dummy program, then
>> running nm -Cg, stripping the addresses, and editing out the
>> documented names. 
>Giving the -C switch to nm is a bad idea, because you need the leading
>underscores to know if a symbol can pollute the namespace; those with no
>underscores don't pollute because they are inacessible from C, those
>with more than one don't pollute because they are reserved to the
>library.  Only the symbols with exactly one leading underscore can
>pollute, and not even all of those do.
>> The first letter tells you whether it's defined in a text, data or bss
>> segment. 
>> D djgpp_first_ctor
>> D djgpp_first_dtor
>> D djgpp_last_ctor
>> D djgpp_last_dtor
>> D edata
>> B end
>> B environ
>> T etext
>> B exception_stack
>> T start

Looks like you're correct about -Cg not being entirely truthful about
globals without leading _. The revised list of non-Standard globals
from a dummy program with no #includes compiled with -ansi -pedantic

T _close	close	*
D _edata	edata
B _end		end
B _environ	environ
T _etext	etext
T _sbrk		sbrk	*

where the routines marked * are Unix compatible routines called by the
startup/exit code. Can be worked around, as you indicate below? 
So djgpp_*, exception_stack, and start do not pollute, as you said. 

>Of these, the only one that does pollute at all is environ.
>> ISTM that a reasonable first step would be to document the existence
>> of these symbols in the libc documentation, and possibly add useful
>> public interfaces to some header file, perhaps only for the case of
>> environ, which seems to be the only symbol likely to be accessed by
>> user level code. 
>No, the reasonable first step is to fix it, since it's very easy to do.
>I'll post the fix to the djgpp-workers list.

Eli Z pointed out that it must be available for POSIX compatible code
that requires it, but should not be present for ANSI compiles. 
I would be interested in how you can have it defined, if it is
declared, but not defined as a global, and have it not be defined if
it is already defined? 

Thanks. Take care, Brian Inglis 	Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Brian DOT Inglis AT CSi DOT com 	(Brian dot Inglis at SystematicSw dot ab dot ca)
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