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Subject: Re: using pythonD 2.2.1 (compiled with djgpp) on a 486 without a math coprocessor
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On 10 Aug 2004 03:01:27 -0700 in comp.os.msdos.djgpp,
idollanium AT yahoo DOT com (Ido Yehieli) wrote:

>changed it and it still doesn't work (same error message).
>any other ideas maybe?

Did you use normal / or backslash \ and did you change both copies of
387emu to emu387:

	set emu387=c:/djgpp/bin/emu387.dxe
        set 387=N

If that still doesn't work, open a Command window if necessary
(Start/Run/command/OK), and type "dir /s c:\djgpp\*.dxe", then copy
the directory name displayed, but using forward slashes, and the file
name displayed, into the "set" line in config.sys or autoexec.bat,
then reboot (or Shutdown/Restart) your system and try again. 

Thanks. Take care, Brian Inglis 	Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Brian DOT Inglis AT CSi DOT com 	(Brian dot Inglis at SystematicSw dot ab dot ca)
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