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On Sun, 8 Aug 2004 17:02:37 +0300, <alexbodn AT 012 DOT net DOT il> wrote:

> on the other hand, the sqlite api is much simpler, and with the same  
> effort on your side, you can perform complex data manipulation and  
> querying.
> performing an sql query prorovides a printf like interface, and the  
> result may be collected in an array of char *'s.
> although parsing values from strings is more time consuming than reading  
> into binary form, the number of records to sequentially scan can be  
> highly reduced using sql.
> just to take into consideration the prospective growth of your software  
> project, i believe you will surely exploit sqlite better than btrieve,  
> for most normal usage.


	Thank you for responding to my message, and thank you for your hard
work on both btrieve and sqlite!  At first glance, SQLite seemed perfect  
me, since I use SQL in my programming on a daily basis.  I compiled it  
with DJGPP
and the library seemed to work okay (despite my inability to get the DIFF  
patch to work).

	The only difficulty I have is that I am very much used to programming with
DAO or ADO.NET in VB or C# respectively, and the documentation was hard  
for me to grasp.  There
was also a lack of very simple examples that my tiny brain can  
comprehend.  The SQLite
library and the shell program that came with it seemed very comprehensive  
and well-done,
but I really don't need anything beyond a few simple queries, and I was  
unable to get
even a simple SELECT query to work.

	I really would like to use SQLite, however.  Could you provide me with  
(very) simple examples to give me a push in the right direction, perhaps?   
For instance,
just a simple program to create a table, put a few rows in it, and then  
query it.

Thanks very much for your help so far,


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