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Paul Wilkins wrote:
> Sterten wrote:
... snip ...
>> I was told, they were set to zero ?
> My C manual says otherwise.
>  "If you do not initialize any elements of an array, the compiler
>   will NOT implicitly set all elements to 0. C does not specify
>   that the compiler automatically initialize all variables and
>   arrays. The values of an array are undetermined unless you
>   initialize it either in the definition statement or by explicit
>   assignment."
> There may be a compiler that does initialise them to 0, but you
> can't guarantee that every compiler will do so, so play it safe
> and work on the worst case scenario.

That applies to automatic and malloced storage.  static storage is
guaranteed to be initialized to 'all bytes zero' barring explicit
other initialization.  Read the C standard.  That is why it

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