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>when I wrote a program in wingcc and clicked "run", it gave the following 
>error: "Compile error: File not found (Check DJGPP installation)". I then 
In addition to what Eli wrote if you are using Rhide then please read
on otherwise ignore the following:-

This sounds like you are using Rhide due to the click "run" info. If
you are using Rhide then please go and grab Rhide from the
snapshot area of 

You need ensure that you are using the latest 2.03 files or the 2.04
beta release as you are using 2000 and old versions of DJGPP before
dec 2001 are NOT compatible with 2000 or XP.

1) that under 2000 and XP that some video resolutions in Allegro may
not be available due to 2000 and XP issues. 
2) Rhide occasionally crashes under 2000 and XP only. You can try
starting rhide with a '-S' (upper case) option as this sometimes helps
if the video card you are using is buggy.


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