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I tried to install DJGPP to use Allegro just as the online 
directions instructed for Windows 2000 (unzipping the files using winzip). 
when I wrote a program in wingcc and clicked "run", it gave the following 
error: "Compile error: File not found (Check DJGPP installation)". I then 
obtained a CD from an ex-teacher (with DJGPP, wingcc, and Allegro on it), who 
had run the program and knew it worked. All the components were unzipped on 
CD. I believed all I should have to do is enter PATH C:\DJGPP\BIN;%PATH% and 
SET DJGPP=C:\DJGPP\DJGPP.ENV in the end of autoexec.bat before running wingcc. 
I went into start/run and entered "edit C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT." An empty window 
opened. I entered the two lines: PATH C:\DJGPP\BIN;%PATH% and SET 
DJGPP=C:\DJGPP\DJGPP.ENV, restarted the computer, wrote code in wingcc, and 
then attempted to run the program. However, I received the same error. I 
searched for information about this error online, but have not found this 
specific problem. 
I am trying to teach myself how to program, and am using 
Windows 2000 Professional "with NT technology". I have only written C++ 
programs using Borland for a very short time, and have relatively little 
experience on the computer beyond basic software usage. I would greatly 
appreciate assistance with 
this problem, since I would like to learn how to use DJGPP. Thank you very 
for your help. 

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