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CBFalconer wrote:
> Why not install 4dos and/or 4nt in the first place, and be done
> with the foolishness.  Never use any MickeySloth software that is
> avoidable.

Don't worry, next month I am one of the installers at a Linux 
Installfest (primarily Mandrake 10 Official), and will be making a full 
change over before then.

Why I'm pushing this issue is because there are far too many people out 
there who use Windows that will be having the exact same problems, and 
many of these people are likely to just give the whole thing away entirely.

I'm hoping that we can come up with one or two pieces of advice that can 
be included in the installation instructions to help them remedy such 
stumbling blocks.

Paul Wilkins
Paul Wilkins

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