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Andrew Cottrell wrote:
> Works fine for me when usingRhide from 

Take a freshly installed XP machine and follow the installation 
instructions for RHIDE. It does not work as expected.

> Have you checked how you are starting Rhide

Starting RHIDE in one of two ways.

Start > Run > rhide projectname

Start > Run > cmd
     rhide projectname

 > and CMD.exe to ensure you
 > are not using a environment variable that XP or Rhide uses?

Environment variables are set as instructed.

 From the cmd prompt, SET gives the following useful variables.

> AS the Rhide sources are available for download you can always check
> out the source code to see if there is any undoceumented features.

While the offer is appreciated, I barely have the time.
I have a fair idea of how to solve my dilemma but that does absolutely 
nothing for lesser knowing people who want to use RHIDE.

As RHIDE is primarily developed for Windows machines, and as XP a large 
chunk of the Windows using world, should the Installation instructions at
reflect this, or at least mention whatever workaround is required for 
someone who knows little about their OS's guts to get started?

I think that it's only fair, don't you?

Paul Wilkins

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