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Paul Wilkins wrote:
... snip ...
> I have a solution. It's to use subst to create a virtual drive
> If for example I have a directory called
>      c:\documents and settings\paul\my documents\programming
> I can place the following line in c:\autoexec.bat
>      subst p: "c:\documents and settings\paul\my documents\programming"

That doesn't work, at least on W98, because when autoexec runs
only DOS is functioning, not Windoze, and there is no long file
name support.  You have to use the short names in the autoexec,
and then everything works:

   subst p: c:\docume~1\paul\mydocu~1\progra~1

(and the terminal digits may be different on your system).

If you have followed the instructions in the FAQ for truncated
names WHEN THE DIRECTORIES WERE CREATED you may have the short
names simply truncated to 8 chars, instead of the final ~1.

Avoid spaces in your names, especially in directories, and try to
avoid names over 8 chars for clarity.  You can always nest
directories to get whatever effect you want.  Instead of:

    joes funny gubris\

fix (vb.): 1. to paper over, obscure, hide from public view; 2.
to work around, in a way that produces unintended consequences
that are worse than the original problem.  Usage: "Windows ME
fixes many of the shortcomings of Windows 98 SE". - Hutchison

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