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Paul Wilkins wrote:
> When executing "rhide test" the files are created in
> c:\documents and settings\paul\
> The trouble is that when you try to run your program you always get
> Bad command or file name
> I know that this is because of the spaces in the path, but how to fix 
> (other than not have spaces).

I have a solution. It's to use subst to create a virtual drive

If for example I have a directory called
     c:\documents and settings\paul\my documents\programming

I can place the following line in c:\autoexec.bat
     subst p: "c:\documents and settings\paul\my documents\programming"

Then, I can use Windows explorer to navigate to
where I right-click on rhide.exe, properties, program tab
and set the working directory to

Now with I Win+R
     rhide projectname
it all happens where it should, and program executions all succeed, 
because the virtual drive removes all of the path name spacings.

Do not use spaces in your filenames, but otherwise, all is good.

Paul Wilkins

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