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On Monday 14 June 2004 07:09, Nish wrote:
> The djgpp website says that djgpp images may not work properly under
> Win 2K/XP and that the cure is to use binaries dated after December
> 2001. Does this mean (1) the djgpp compiler itself may not work or (2)
> the code that it produces may not work? I have the second type of
> problem. A client is reporting that code compiled with djgpp works on
> some XP machines but not on others. The error is
> "The NTVDM CPU has encountered an unhandled exception."

One must have binaries new enough (linked using the last update of, or maybe beta version of (also CVS versions
of latest could work)).

All latest versions of compiler and binutils are compatible with WinXP
(and perhaps Win2K, I myself have tested WinXP Pro only). 

So You must make sure you have new enough:
	'version: 2.03 patchlevel 2' in manifest/djdev203.dsm
Also the other packages must be new enough (newer than date mentioned above)

Comments about some other packages:

Simply installing packages from
doesn't seem to be enough. Part of them however work.


binaries ( from DJGPP distribution is Ok for me (sucessfully
built gcc-3.3.4 from sources, when it was installed. bash-2.0.5b (DJGPP 
sources from, binaries both from the same place and my build)
didn't work reliably (it reliably jumped out of DPMI, it doesn't seem to
be a random failure). I have installed DJGPP on one more WinXP box, but at 
this moment I cannot test which bash version I have put there, but it worked 
mostly Ok.


Randomly fails with a message, that some of parent directory has been changed.
Rebuilding using current CVS version of DJGPP libc doesn't help. As far as I 
remember on other box I patched sources to workaround this problem

It's possible that something else were broken, but I rebuild many packages
from sources, before figured out that bash-2.0.5b doesn't work for me and I 
should use bash-2.0.4 binaries from DJGPP distribution.


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