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On Sat, 12 Jun 2004 19:36:26 GMT, MC <nospam AT nowhere DOT com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'm sick of the ftp.exe that comes with Windows because it doesn't
>have passive mode, so I found inetutils offered by GNU, which contains
>the source for ftp.  I'm hoping that it's just like the UNIX one,
>which has passive mode, if I'm not mistaken.  
>So in order to build the source that I obtained from GNU, I installed
>the latest version of DJGPP (set my environment variables and path,
>and downloaded/installed the socket libraries).  A hello world program
>compiles, but I can't make ftp using the makefile that comes with the
>ftp source.  I get the following error on line 15:
>"Separator missing".

Somewhere there's no tab where there should be.  GNU make expects tabs
in certain places:

atarget: adependent

If you editted the Makefile in a text editor that converts tabs to
spaces, you have to fix it.

>Unfortunately, I'm no makefile expert so I don't have a clue what's
>going wrong.  Is it even possible to compile GNU source using DJGPP?
>(I would think so.)  There are two makefiles that come with the ftp
>source: and  What are these and do I need to
>tweak them to work wth DJGPP?
>Any help would be appreciated!

Try Cygwin, a native (more or less) Win32 port of GCC and many many
tools.  It uses a dll that provides some of the functionality that
Windows lacks but UNIX does not.  DJGPP does not, technically,
interface with Windows (correct me if I'm wrong).



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