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Subject: Want to build GNU ftp (from inetutils) using DJGPP
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Hi all,

I'm sick of the ftp.exe that comes with Windows because it doesn't
have passive mode, so I found inetutils offered by GNU, which contains
the source for ftp.  I'm hoping that it's just like the UNIX one,
which has passive mode, if I'm not mistaken.  

So in order to build the source that I obtained from GNU, I installed
the latest version of DJGPP (set my environment variables and path,
and downloaded/installed the socket libraries).  A hello world program
compiles, but I can't make ftp using the makefile that comes with the
ftp source.  I get the following error on line 15:

"Separator missing".

Unfortunately, I'm no makefile expert so I don't have a clue what's
going wrong.  Is it even possible to compile GNU source using DJGPP?
(I would think so.)  There are two makefiles that come with the ftp
source: and  What are these and do I need to
tweak them to work wth DJGPP?

Any help would be appreciated!


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