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Subject: Re: Troubles with hard interrupts aand HDD
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 16:09:05 +0200
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I have caugth HDD interrupt and I put there my own interrupt wich calls HDD
interrupt. I can see that delay comes when HDD interrupt has finished, and
only with smartdrv installed. May be DMA?

Now we have began to work with rtlinux. But now I have to solve this problem
in dos.

> On Thursday 10 June 2004 13:32, turomas wrote:
> > I am developing a CNC. I use a hard interrupt every 500 micro seconds. I
> > have used Irq9 and Irq0 too. It works fine but when I use HDD the
> > gets back to 2,5 ms. Can somebody help me.
> Perhaps HDD interrupt handling could take rather much time in DOS or
> interrupts are getting masked for up to 2.5 ms. Also switching between
> and protected mode requires time.
> I myself would try to use some real time operating system for such task
> for example
> Andris

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