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Subject: Re: "delete" crash
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> "new". If anyone is eager to help me, here is the source

I doubt the problem lies in DJGPP, but I see more of them in your
GString class.  So we are off-topic here...  I would suggest at least:

- add a copy constructor, ie. "GString::GString(const GString& other)"

- be careful to avoid calling strcpy() on overlapping strings, the
good practice is to check "if (this != &strFrom) ..." in the
assignment operator

- the assignment operator itself should IMHO take "const GString&"
instead of "const GString"

- check bounds in "operator[]" to prevent overwriting memory past the

etc.  In short, "back to the drawing table". :-)

Egon Eckert, Heaven Industries, s.r.o.
E-mail: egon AT heaven DOT industries DOT cz

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the
ark; professionals built the Titanic. -- Anonymous

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