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Subject: Re: subscription problem
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On Tue, 1 Jun 2004 12:44:26 -0400 in comp.os.msdos.djgpp, George
Kinney <GKinney AT nextransport DOT com> wrote:

>The verify message says:
>Subscribed as: GKinney AT nextransport DOT com
>Subscribed to: djgpp-digest-daily AT delorie DOT com
>But when I try to unsubscribe through email or the web-page, I just get
>such as: 
>gdbm store returned -1, errno 13, key "GKinney AT nextransport DOT com" at
>/home/listserv/listserv line 53, <> line 3.
>I want off the list, and none of the actual methods are working for me,
>anyone can help?

Replying to the verify message should unsubscribe you. 

Thanks. Take care, Brian Inglis 	Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Brian DOT Inglis AT CSi DOT com 	(Brian dot Inglis at SystematicSw dot ab dot ca)
    fake address		use address above to reply

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