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Subject: Re: linker error: undefined reference to: '___gxx_personality_v0'
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 10:58:23 -0600
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Bart de Keijzer <B_A_R_T_K AT hotmail DOT com> tuvo a bien escribir:

> Hello,
> I have a problem when I try to compile a C-program, it gives me
> the following error:
> ----------------
> c:/djgpp/tmp/ccP9aOYb.o(.eh_frame+0x11):nio1.C: undefined
> reference to `___gxx_personality_v0'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> ----------------
> This is the program I want to compile:
> ----------------
> #include <stdio.h>
> #include <string.h>
> #include <stdlib.h>
> int alfa(const void *e1, const void *e2)
> {
> return (*(char *)e1-*(char *)e2);
> }
> typedef struct
> {
> char woord[10];
> bool flag[9];

Here is the problem. AFAIK there are not type 'bool' in C.
You can include a typedef like

typedef unsigned int bool;

previous to the typedef of negen_t, or change th line to somelike

unsigned int flag[9];

[snip rest]

> Thanks!
> Bart de Keijzer


Jose L. Sanchez Garrido
'I don't know' -Isaac Asimov

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