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I would like revise my post all, please ignore previouse post.
(subject: PC Control, Measurement and Robot-#1 and#2)
Becasuse my poor English may casue mislead about download.
1st of all, I'm sorry my poor English (I'm a Japanese)
I made a demonstration program named Gat (Get Accurate Timing) on the PC,
 for small robot, FA_Control/Measurement applications.
You may download Gat-executable file, then you can evaluate gat immediately,
i.e. not NEED kernel re-construction. # Gat is based on User Sapce driver.
Gat corresponds to DOS, FreeBSD, Linux, Win98, and Win2k currently.
The timing performance of Gat is ideal in pureDOS and FreeBSD,
but fairly good in Linux.
The timing characteristic is miserable in win98 and win2k.
Reverse viewing, Gat shows the about amount of overhead time of OS.
If you interest "Gat", please go to:
and download gat75(version-7.5) according to your OS.
Eatch zip file includes exe-file and some documentations to use.
note: source-file and documentaions are written in (poor) English.
** At least my homepage carried out the virus check, before uploading. **
note: The "gat75-dos" is made in Win98+DJGPP-V2.03, but can run wo DJGPP.
If gat75 sp=3 is specified, gat75 outputs pure rectangular wave
to parallel port. (maximum frequency is about 50kHz.)
You may evaluate gat75 timing by measuring jitter(with oscilloscope.)
or hear pure sound with PC_Speaker(default).
At least, Gat75's timing accuracy is a useful information for all PC user.
I hope to get your free opinions. (Please write easy easy English.)
If you have interest to Gat, please refer my web_pgae below.
note: I put "For English Reader" for howto use machine translation.
C-source(gat75.c) and "gat-develop-kit" are available as shareware(sorry).
File size of gat75.c about 34kB and archived kit is about 4.4MB.
Thank you.
FM: H.Shiozaki
E-Mail: sios_hs(at)

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