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Subject: Re: Doubles won't see double!!
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> Hello all,
> Just wondering this:
> How can I perform maths on doubles, so that the result uses the full
> potential of a double's decimal spaces?
> confused? ok, perhaps an example:
> double x,y,z;
> x=22;
> y=7;
> z=x/y;
> cout<<z;
> This will generally output something like:
> 3.1425(or whatever)
> however if I do the same sum on the windoze calculator:

ITYM division:

> get the
> picture 
> so my question is this: How can I make MY doubles behave like this?

Your doubles are behaving fine.

> is there a library that i need to include? any suggestions?

You need to set the appropriate options for cout.

#include <iomanip>
#include <iostream>

int main(void) {
	double x = 22;
	double y = 7;
	std::cout << std::setprecision(12) << x/y << std::endl;

A. Sinan Unur
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