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>I am new embedded system programer using djgpp compiler for the same purpose also i am using uC/OS-II and MULTI-C RTOS.
>I received this with the "FUNDAMENTALS OF EMBEDDED SOFTWARE : WHERE C AND ASSEMPBLY MEET" by Daniel W. Lewis. I have just 
>started it and i received a project of products advertisement.The project is to build a embedded system which will give graphical 
>products information on a SVGA monitor.Currently for this i have to work on intel processor and graphic card with GD5465 chipset.
>I am a good graphic programer but using borland c++ and know the functions to be used in them.But with DJGPP i know nothing about 
>how and where to add the files required and what ready made graphic function are avaliable.
>For this purpose i need help as to which files to download,where and how to install them and some sample graphic programs.
Looks like you need to do allot more homework. 

I am familiar with uC/OS II, but not MULTI-C RTOS. 

Some starting points:-
1) subscribe to the embedded newsgroups
2) seach the internet for embeded projects
3) Goto
4) Goto your local newsagent and purchase some electronics magazines
that included embdded info, such as :-
	- Circuit Cellar from UK
	- Embedded Systems Programming from US
	- DJ Dobbs from US if it has any embedded articles

I have not seen any ports of uC/OS-II or uCOS to DJGPP and MS-DOS. If
you have one please make it available. Please note that you cannot use
DJGPP witht he MS VC++ uC/OS II port.

If you are uisng an embedded x86 SBC then you will need to obtain the
complete register specs for the GD5465 chip or find a graphics library
that directly uses these registers if you are going to use and
embedded RTOS.

Another choice is to have a look at eCOS, see and
search for sCOS as it uses GCC as the toolchain.

yet another choice if you do want to use DJGPP is to look for a or which is a kernel for DJGPP that allows you
to boot from a floppy without DOS, but is old and has not been updated
for a number of years.

There are allot of graphics libraries out there for DJGPP. Have a look
in the v2tk directory for them. They vary in their abaility and what
they support. There are some that are cross platfrom and as such make
porting apps easier later. 


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