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RadSurfer <RadSurfer AT yahoo DOT com> wrote:

> Now I have to contend with the rather bizarre place things were put...

Those cases are not at all "bizarre" --- they're just not what you

> \djgpp\land\cxx\.....       why are the C++ headers HERE?


> (obviously a great deal more going on here than any newbie is
>  prepared for; and even an intermediate user might be overwhelmed)

An actual newbie wouldn't have any expectations about directory layout
at all, so nothing to prepare for specially.

> why can't they be in and under the  \djgpp\include\   folder ????

Because that folder is really for *C* includes.  Putting the C++
includes in there causes more potential problems than it solves.

> many include files in \cxx\ don't even have ".h" extensions (and
> there's nothing explaining what is going on with these) !!

So what?  That's what the actual definition of the C++ language
says they should look like, and has done for about 5 years now.

> \cxx\3.32\backward\*.* 
>   "look like" the "correct" files....ARE THEY?  Could these simply
>  be copied into the established \djgpp\include\   folder ???

Could: yes.  Should: certainly not.

> Is the C++ compiler hard-coded to recognize specific paths; 
> (configuration of djgpp.env is important

It's hard-coded as a position relative to the installation direcotry of
GCC itself.

> I feel, that even after all this time, the DJGPP readme's are still
> extremely vague about how to go about setting C++ in DJGPP!

Pardon my French, but you're talking nonsense.  You're worrying about
surface details that shouldn't be any concern of yours at all -- if it
works as it's distributed, why complain about the way it's done?

The duty of README.1st is to explain how get a DJGPP installation up
and running, not to explain every detail about why it's done the way
it is.  As long as it gets that job done, there's nothing wrong with

As to your criticism of the website, let me ask you a question: how
much did *you* donate to the DJGPP project?  If nothing: what do you
think gives you the right to criticize other people's *volunteer*
efforts, and how they decide to raise the funding needed to do it?  Do
*you* host a DJGPP mirror site?

Hans-Bernhard Broeker (broeker AT physik DOT rwth-aachen DOT de)
Even if all the snow were burnt, ashes would remain.

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