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Downloaded the very latest/greatest from Delorie FTP....  this month.

Okay so I did my very best to install everything I thought I'd need.

Now I have to contend with the rather bizarre place things were put...

case in point:

\djgpp\land\cxx\.....       why are the C++ headers HERE?
(obviously a great deal more going on here than any newbie is
 prepared for; and even an intermediate user might be overwhelmed)

why can't they be in and under the  \djgpp\include\   folder ????

many include files in \cxx\ don't even have ".h" extensions (and
there's nothing explaining what is going on with these) !!

  "look like" the "correct" files....ARE THEY?  Could these simply
 be copied into the established \djgpp\include\   folder ???

Is the C++ compiler hard-coded to recognize specific paths; 
(configuration of djgpp.env is important)
or is there plenty of room to customize to more centralized
organization (everything contained in \include\) ?

I feel, that even after all this time, the DJGPP readme's are still
extremely vague about how to go about setting C++ in DJGPP!
And using Delorie's website is OUT of the question...(see below).

Also, there are some finer points regarding C++ and the
djgpp.env thingy.... elaboration on the PROPER setup for this
should also be discussed please.

If someone has a proper, step by step, setup procedure for the
C++ side of DJGPP (gcc/gpp), PLEASE post it. Thanks...
('Proper' means that .ZIP files are listed explicitly; and paths to
and from material are explicitly written out...)

I was extremely shocked and horrified by seeing that
now has popups and those foolish flashing gif animations,
all of which are totally unnecessary and completely unacceptable!
Next thing they'll have flash garbage on there and find themselves
boycotted for life...
There is NO EXCUSE for this! The internet is already trashy enough;
we simply do not expect to see this kind of outrageous nonsense to
be everywhere we go!
Fight it now people --> it is only to get worse!

Thank you for your time!


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