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Subject: Re: porting sched.h
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Ariz Jacinto wrote:
> does anybody here have successfully
> ported / used "scheduling" on djgpp?
> any links perhaps?

I've done some work on getting GNU Pth to build with DJGPP 2.04 alpha 1:


GNU Pth is an implementation of POSIX threads, which may do the scheduling you
want. It's co-operative multithreading. It does not do pre-emptive

Hmmm, looking at the Single Unix Specification v3, I don't think that GNU Pth
will do what you want. But maybe you can look at Pth anyway.

I hope to produce alpha packages of GNU Pth soon. It will only work with DJGPP
2.04 alpha 1, though. I won't be able to test much of it. It seems to pass its
test suite fine. Due to the little testing, it will be an alpha.

Bye, Rich =]

Richard Dawe [ ]

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