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00:00:36 Need multiple PCI VGA lib - any ideas? (Andre Castro)
08:48:38 Offline (Jacky Luk)
10:02:49 OffTopic (Jacky Luk)
10:36:07 Re: Offline (DJ Delorie)
10:39:52 Re: OffTopic (DJ Delorie)
10:45:03 Latest Windows Modules Exports Lists (Jacky Luk)
10:45:06 malloc/free blues (Peter Claessens)
10:55:22 Re: Latest Windows Modules Exports Lists (DJ Delorie)
12:29:46 Turbo Vision, SETEdit and RHIDE releases (Salvador Eduardo Tropea)
12:40:18 Re: malloc/free blues (Eli Zaretskii)
13:00:34 RE : Application (Yves Pontoizeau)
15:05:49 Re: malloc/free blues (Peter Claessens)
15:30:19 Wav edit programmation for dos with DJGPP (Lise Prud'Homme)
23:32:10 Re: malloc/free blues (Eli Zaretskii)

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