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Subject: nested functions
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Sorry to bother you here in the DJGPP mailing list. This might be slightly
but I know there are a couple of bright guys out there who might just know
this... ;-)

I try to figure out _why_ the following code compiles with DJGPP:

int abc(void)
  int x = 0;
  int y = 2;

  int def(int r)
    int x = 1;
    return r + x;

  return def(x) + def(y);

int main(void)
  return abc();

Could somebody enlighten me whether nested functions are a GCC or DJGPP
extension or whether they are actually part of the C standard.
A reference to the relevant chapter in the standard would be most
I've been digging through the standard(s), but I'm still not sure whether or
not the
above should work.

Thanks for your help,


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