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I'm quite lost trying to compile Microwindows under WIN98-DOS using the
supplied makefile(s). I am using DJGPP v2, make version 3.79.1. While in a
WIN98 - DOS-box make proceeds, in DOS-mode it claims that makefile.rules is
not present.
The make -d output:
Reading makefiles...
Reading makefile 'makefile'...
Reading makefile 'c:/prj/microwin/src/config' (search path) (no
Reading makefile 'c:/prj/microwin/src/Makefile.rules' (search path) (no
Updating makefiles...
 Considering target file 'c:/prj/microwin/src/Makefile.rules'.
  File 'c:/prj/microwin/src/Makefile.rules' does not exist.
  looking for an implicit rule for 'c:/prj/microwin/src/Makefile.rules'.
Is that a long-filename problem ? What am I doing wrong ?

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