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eplmst AT lu DOT erisoft DOT se (Martin Stromberg) wrote in message news:<bbhur8$nha$1 AT antares DOT lu DOT erisoft DOT se>...
> Vincent (spam AT spam DOT com) wrote:
> : And supposing I did have GDB, the .exe and symbols on the target machine,
> : the application uses graphics - so command-line operation will be difficult.
> Oh, that will be difficult. Perhaps fsdb or rhide can handle that?

[ I humbly admit to asking from a position of ignorance here]

DOS has the CTTY command which AIUI lets you redirect console I/O to a 
serial port. 

So my naive solution to this would be to use this to run gdb on the 
target machine, but with the "console" on the Windows box - which is 
what I assumed the OP was trying to do.

Is this something that won't work ? (I've never tried it; so no 
idea what CTTY does with std. error, etc.) 

> Examine djsplit and djmerge. Many floppies (if that 11MB is right) and
> you probably want to transfer the source as well.

At 11M, it doesn't take much compression to save the hassle of an extra 
floppy disk. FWIW, I'd suggest using arj for the floppy transfers, as it 
handles the splitting directly and more neatly than pkzip's spanning 
effort, and the compression's about the same.
Of course, if there's a cable between the two machines anyway...


("... you'll probably spend longer messing about trying to get serial 
transfers to work than you would have just using floppies in the first 
place" :( )

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