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Subject: Re: indent upgrade
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"CBFalconer" <cbfalconer AT yahoo DOT com> wrote in message
news:3EDB680B DOT 9CCD0841 AT yahoo DOT com...
> Hans-Bernhard Broeker wrote:
> >
> > CBFalconer <cbfalconer AT yahoo DOT com> wrote:
> >
> > > So I got indent.2.2.9.tar.gz from gnu, opened it up, moved to the
> > > src subdir, ran bash, and entered "../configure".  This ran for at
> > > least 1.5 hours (I went to bed) and ended up announcing something
> > > close to "can't create .lineno, use a POSIX shell".
> I hope somebody with the appropriate pre-knowledge will take it on
> and upgrade the DJGPP port.

Hi Chuck,

I ran autoconf (latest from Rich) and the resulting configure without a
hitch. I was just curious, I guess. Took all about six minutes on my Pentium
3 (W2K beast). No problems encountered.
      I REALLY wish porting every package was like this one. I just
downloaded OpenInventor "for something completely different", and believe
me, it's a pain... even with a working Mesa install. Not to mention the
snail's-pace progress that I am making with Xlibemu (probably wouldn't go
anywhere without Charles Sandmann) :-(

Could the current DJGPP maintainer of indent please let me know if there are
issues involved with this port???
 The size went through the roof, by the way, I think because configure
discovered iconv on my system.

I am kind of glad I did it... got a 'texinfo2man.exe' out of the deal as

Listen Chuck, let me know what problems you had please with the earlier
version, and then afterward I'll put my 2.2.9 up for you if you still want
it. Is there any kind of a test suite for this thing before I pollute my
DJGPP installation with it ;-). I am going ahead and rebuilding it to load
libiconv dynamically ... the exe will be smaller... but you will need the
additional iconv.dxe that I will upload for you (in your
%LD_LIBRARY_PATH% --very important!!)

Servus aus Bayern,

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