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Subject: Re: Remote debugging over a serial cable
Date: 3 Jun 2003 10:55:36 GMT
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Vincent (spam AT spam DOT com) wrote:
: I compile on WinXP using DJGPP, and pretty much copy it over (via floppy) to
: the target machine.

: I also use UPX to compress the executable (original size is about 11MB,
: compressed to about 700kb). I think UPX strips symbols from the exe. Given
: that I use UPX, I'm not sure whether remote debugging (or even using GDB)
: would work.

11MB -> 0.7MB?! Typo?

If you want to have any sensible debugging session you must have the
debug symbols present.

: Even if it did, the symbol file would probably be too big to copy onto a
: floppy to transfer to the target machine. The application also uses the
: CWSDPMI stub - but I think GDB should handle this.

Examine djsplit and djmerge. Many floppies (if that 11MB is right) and
you probably want to transfer the source as well.

: And supposing I did have GDB, the .exe and symbols on the target machine,
: the application uses graphics - so command-line operation will be difficult.

Oh, that will be difficult. Perhaps fsdb or rhide can handle that?

: ps. It's a long story why I'm compiling for DOS, let alone using an DOS
: machine...just don't ask :-)

Those who are here do that all the time. Otherwise we wouldn't be
using DJGPP, would we?



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