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Eli Zaretskii <eliz AT elta DOT co DOT il> wrote:
>> From: CBFalconer <cbfalconer AT yahoo DOT com>
>> I haven't the vaguest idea what that configure script is doing,
>> except it appears to run sh and sed incessantly, with an
>> occasional call to chmod.

> The configure script probes the target system for the exdistence of
> header files and library functions that might or might not exist, 

I don't think that's what Chuck was asking.  In the case at hand, the
configure script he ran never got to that phase of its activities.  It
obviously was a new-style one (made by autoconf-2.57 or so). Those
first copy themselves to a new file 'configure.lineno' with line
numbers subsituted in for error messaging, and that process appears to
be rather sensitive to minor flaws in the shell.  E.g. if you try that
with the Digital Unix default /bin/sh, it'll run into an endless loop
--- you need their special POSIX version of Bourne shell to do it.

It might already make a difference whether you run configure as
"./configure" from inside an interactive bash or "bash configure" from, in this case.

Hans-Bernhard Broeker (broeker AT physik DOT rwth-aachen DOT de)
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