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03:28:48 Re: Hey man (
03:31:53 Re: running djgpp (Martin Stromberg)
06:32:38 Re: compiling dgjpp for dos (Martin Stromberg)
07:45:45 Telnet for DOS (Alex Yeryomin)
09:02:12 ScanMail Message: To Recipient file blocking settings matched and action taken. (
10:02:21 Re: Telnet for DOS (Gisle Vanem)
10:10:59 Re: gcc compiler from djgpp (Charles Sandmann)
11:56:51 F11 and F12 keys and conio problems. (Ellingworth, Richard)
12:33:43 Set internal state that should affect the (tntjpgriff)
12:55:56 Do you want your family to know? lsp (Arthur Dodson)
13:03:42 Y 0 U R 0 W N I N T E R N E T N A M E (
14:02:19 Re: F11 and F12 keys and conio problems. (Rafael García)
15:32:14 Anders Norlander's WinAPI headers? (bgeer)
15:39:19 Re: Win2k on dual processor - help? (bgeer)
17:30:24 Commercial project (Rafal 'Raf256' Maj)
18:03:49 PROTECT:Your Career, Your Family, and Your Freedom! ymaffiigat (Grace Guerra)

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