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deckerben wrote in : <3e92e439$0$18023$9b622d9e AT news DOT freenet DOT de>...
>Gisle, have you ever tried to port the pcap library from to
>DJGPP-Watt32? The API it uses seems to be the one of choice ammong some of
>the GNU developers.

Use Winpcap. ( or so, this is BSD licensed stuff. The net card details and buffers you'll need to retrieve from NT using
kernel device driver (supplied there) along with some glue code (supplied with examplesthere too). You would only really need to write a ;packet driver' - a dos tsr - that acting as a VDD communcates with the above mentioned kernel mode driver exposing itself packet driver API.
This can be done using Crymwr packet sources from simtel.

I had this stuff well researched but I decided to stop supporting Microsoft operating systems, especially after Craig Mundie started talking his nonsenses about open source.

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