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>Everything is working great on a single processor PIII 667 running
>Win2k.  Thanx to my employer I had to put it all on a CD & run it from
>there.  But once the cd spins up, it works great.
>This is my first encounter with dual-processor WinNT/2k - is there
>something inherent that antagonizes DJGPP executables?

Binaries before 1-Dec-2001 are not Win 2K or XP comaptiable and
binaroes after this date if built with the 2.03 LIBC that had fixes
for 2K/XP will be more comaptible and in 99.9% of cases work fine in
majority of cases that the average developer would use the app for.

Bash 2.04 is not Win 2K or XP compatible. I would suggest that you
have a look at the following URL and grab a copy of the 2.04 test

Please read the 2.04 page very carefully about mixing 2.03 and 2.04
files as there are some issues with this.


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