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04:09:36 Thanks for the info. I got my website!!! 7239LOCG8-113XWfy4570-20 (
05:15:12 Re: DJGPP under Win 2000 (Andrew Cottrell)
09:15:15 Re: Float to string (Tony Richardson)
12:51:19 ANNOUNCE: DJGPP port of GCC-3.2.2 (Andris Pavenis)
13:43:18 Mailinglisten for Linux-Programming (Console, X, allegro, gtk) (Michelle Konzack)
15:39:19 Loghi Mms Mp3 Webcam (Loghi-Musicali.wt)
18:44:22 Forums (Brandon S)
19:52:01 Re: Forums (DJ Delorie)

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