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>I tried to install newest version of DJGPP to my computer
>which has Windows 98 Command Prompt for operating system.
>It means that it works on Windows 98 System Disk.
>I've got a problem with DJGPP on that system. System can
>handle only files which names are from 8+3 form, and can't
>handle any files that has name longer than eigth chars.
How have you come to this conclusion as it is wrong.

>So, when I compile my program from RHIDE, copiler respond:
>(ENOENT) Couldn't find file ...
Going back to basics can you manually compile a hello world program as
indicated in the reafme.1st file? This checks to see that you have GCC

If this works then you may have setup Rhide incorrectly. Make sure you
are using Rhide 1.5.0.

>How can I solve this?
Make sure you use an unzip that supports LFN. If you didn't then start
the install process again using an unzip program that supports LFN.


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