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Subject: Re: djgpp or perl?
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On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Ian Chapman wrote:

>     I know and I did and I've tried ctl [a-zA-Z] too.  Ctl C followed by
> CR gets me out of perl. I've also noted a side issue in that doing ctl
> [a-zA-Z] eventually controlls the my printer.  I'm only interested in
> signaling to perl that I've ended input into the array.  Since this does
> not seem to be a known djgpp issue I guess I'd better look at the perl
> sources.

If Perl uses termios, it might be a bug in our termios emulation, or it 
might be that you need to tell termios to treat Ctrl-D as EOF (I don't 
remember if that is the default).

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