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> :
> I haven't been able to connect to with ftp since a
> looong time (months?).

I've heard this before, but everyone else said the problem went away 
some time later when they tried again.  I don't know if it's a firewall
issue or whatever.  The ftp service is constantly busy according to
the logs (lots of files transferred) so it's always working for someone
someplace in the world ...  and it always seems to work for me from my
work site from both Windows, Unix and VMS boxes.  Any remote site 
info might help me identify it; you can also send me a note on the
exact time you tried to connect so I can check the logs on this end.

There have been no changes in the configuration in a long, long time.

The entire djgpp tree is also available via http via identical url except 
for transport type (I haven't heard any complaints about http).

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