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>> I'm Toth Zoltan from Hungary.
>> I've got the following serious problem with gcc:
>>  I can't use the compiler because I can't add the djgpp.env file to it's
>> place.
>> where is the emvironment tab in win2000?
>> How can I install djgpp on win2000?
1) You will need to ensure that you have the DJGPP 2.03 refresh from
dated after 1-Dec-2001.

2) What is the exact process and problem you are encountering when you
say " I can't add the djgpp.env file to it's place."

3) The environment tab in windows 2000 is via:-
	my computer
	    -> properties
	        -> advanced
	          -> Environment variables near the bottom legt of the

I use a batch file. When you setup a shortcut please use cmd.exe as it
works better than

4) When you install make sure you use a LFN aware zip program and use
the latest zip files from your nearest Simtel mirror. If you use Rhide
go and get the 1.5.0. snapshot from


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