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Charles Sandmann wrote:
> > What is preventing you guys from updating with the patched
> > djtypes.h (in the process renaming it to or something)?
> Time.  Family. Job. Crisis of the day.
> This is the "second pass" of the refresh 2 zip based on comments on the
> developers discussion list.  I believe it's been tested once.  Needs
> further testing - if OK we'll upload it.

Oops. It looks like I built Fileutils 4.1 with refresh 2.

I believe I'm the tester mentioned. Here's what I've tested, for the record:
building DJGPP CVS with gcc 3.1, building Fileutils 4.1 and a few other

So refresh 2 needs testing with 2.x versions of gcc.


Richard Dawe [ ]

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