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Subject: Re: How to align members/data under gcc/DJGPP?
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Tonu Aas wrote:
> > I can't find in FAQ (sorry, maybe I missed it), how to align struct
> > members under gcc/DJGPP? What is pragma/option doing this?
> I use header files for that:
> struct aligned_struct
>  {
>   char    a_default;
> #include "align4.h"
>   char    a_4;
> #include "popalign.h"
>   char    aa_default;
>  }
> Works well with several compilers so far... (also gcc)

__attribute__ should be preferred over #pragma, when using gcc. See the end of
this info page for the reasons:

    info gcc 'c extensions' 'function attributes'


Richard Dawe [ ]

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